Mobile hygiene system

Clean, Protect, Accompany
The mobile cleaning tool

KleanFree is the solution for all itinerant workers who need easy access to hygiene. Installed on the rear door of your vehicle or hard hanging any other support, it adapts to all your constraints and follows you everywhere.

KleanFree is 30 hand washes thanks to its 5l jerry can. Equipped with a soap holder, a trash can, a roll of paper towels, a hydroalcoholic gel holder and a dispenser of masks* and Gloves *, it will provide a complete hygiene solution in your vehicle.
* optional on some models


KleanFree is made 10/20th powder coated aluminium structure in a choice of white or grey colours. Lightweight and resistant, it can be easily carried thanks to its comfortable integrated handle.


KleanFree is completely modular. All of its components (trash can, hydroalcoholic gel holder, soap dish, glove* and masks* dispenser), can find their place on either side of the device. So it adapts to all your configurations.


Klean Free is particularly suited to the hygiene constraints of the field. On the fields or on the road it takes care of your teams in all circumstances. It is a real ally of security in your business and an asset for your activity.

first aid

KleanFree can also be equipped with a first aid kit in addition to or as a replacement for the mask holder in order to provide a fast and hygienic response to small incidents of life in the field.

Price: 495€

Four-step hand washing with soap:

  • 1st time, I wet my hands
  • 2nd time, I rub all parts of the hand, including the nails taking care to lather the soapy water.
  • 3rd time, I rinse in such a way as to completely eliminate traces of soap.
  • 4th time I dry all parts of my hands properly.
no bacteria
no viruses
no dirt

Builders, road workers, telephone workers, lorry drivers, council inspectors, gardeners, market traders and many more have the need to protect themselves but find themselves too far from such amenities.

This is where KleanFree comes to the rescue, it provides a complete safety solution for itinerant and site staff, an all in one dispenser that provides all the necessary to maintain the worker safe from contagion.

The dispenser is easy to fit to the door of a vehicle and it provides all that is needed to include water, soap, disinfectant, masks, gloves and eve paper towelling.

This product has already met with great success in France and other parts of Europe especially from companies and organisations with an obligation to protect their outside workers from the virus.

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